The Top Five Ways To Increase Student Participation In School Events

The Top Five Ways To Increase Student Participation In School Events

The students in your school want to be a part of school events, but they usually need a reason to be there. Some events seem unnecessary, or there might be too many during the year. These events cause problems for the people running them because they do not always get enough participation. Look below at the five way to increase participation, and you could see a marked change in how many kids come to each event.


Encourage them to work together

You must ask the kids to create some of their own events together. The kids want to have these events to themselves in some instances, and they have an ownership of it when they have planned it themselves. Ask the kids what they want to do, and let them do most of the planning.

This plan works well because you only need to step in when the kids need a little assistance. They get your help when they need it, and you stay out of the way when they do not need your help. This is a very hands-off approach, and it helps kids get excited about something they did.


2.Perform activities in groups

you could split the kids into groups to have all the activities planned. The kids all get together in groups where they learn to work together, and you give them jobs that they must complete. This is the simplest way for you to get the kids working together is to give them all a different event.

The events that the kids plan all have their own character and flavor because each group is different. It is much simpler to get this planned because you just hand over some of the groups to the events that you want to see change.


3.Give them a voice and a choice

Sometimes it is important to let the kids choose events, and you must ask them what they prefer. The voice and choice that the kids get changeshow they view school, and they do not feel as though you are lording over them all the time. That alone is a big change for some of these kids who might not have a voice anywhere else. You are showing them how easy it is to get the school to function when you all work together, and they take pride in the events they chose.


4.Use prize/bonus to keep students engaged

The prizes and bonuses that you give to the kids help them have an incentive to be in the event. They will do the event more readily because you are giving them a prize. It is very simple for people to use the prizes after it is over. It is pretty simple for you to get the prizes and incentives set up so that the kids will be excited. You could come up with some amazing raffles and prizes that the kids will love.

The prizes are something that the kids will get more invested in because that will help the kids feel more comfortable with the event. They will not feel like they are wasting their time, and they will be so excited for the prizes because that can help them do a better job if it is a school fundraiser.


5.Promote activities that require them to move from their seat

You must get the kids to do activities that help them move around and meet other people. You must make certain that the kids are in a place where they have to get up and meet other people. The activities should put the kids out of their comfort zone, and they should meet other people so that they have a better idea of who is in the class and who is around the school.

The students that are participating in your events get more exciting because of the things that you are doing to incentivize them. It is easy for the kids to have more fun in your class, and that makes it much simpler for you to get the kids to want to come to your class because they know that you have taken at least one of these steps.

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