SMX London 2015 – A quick recap

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SMX London 2015 – A quick recap

SMX London 2015

The world’s leading ‘Search Engine Marketing Conference’. Attendees flocked to München from all over the world. The conference was held on May 20th & 21st. Attendees were in anxious anticipation to have their views on online marketing skills and knowledge enlightened.

Day 1 – SMX London 2015

Maile Ohye from Google Inc.: Maile gave the keynote address concerning ‘The State Of Search’. Maile gave an overview of the history of the Google search engine and how it has progressed in this modern age where everything is done with lightning speed.

Vivien Tombs from Periscopix:  Vivien gave advice on how to reduce time spent on admin.

Daniel Gilbert from Brainlabs: Gilbert’s words of wisdom focused on reducing time spend managing AdWords account through Automation.

Brad Geddes, the owner of Certified Knowledge-offered advice on handling Ad Types. He warned, never combine different ad types.

Russell O’Sullivan from Legal & General: Russell spoke about ‘Creating persona’s for increased conversion metrics’.

Day 2 – SMX London 2015

Bas Van Den Beld from the State Of Digital: Bas gave a speech around ‘Better Together: Search and Social’. Helping us to be forward thinking in creating a fan base.

Mark Mitchell from Brightedge: Mark enlightened the audience concerning ‘Better Together: Search and Social’ by creating engaging content.

Kelvin Newman, Owner of Rough Agenda: Kelvin talked was entitled ‘Building Your Search Marketing Technology Stack’. He helped the attendees understand tools, platforms, and suites that would save time and money.

Alistair Dent From iProspect: Alistair provided information on the topic of, ‘What You Should Be Doing In Search & Mobile’. His speech centered all around what and what not to do with mobile.

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