Top 5 reasons to indulge your child in extracurricular activities today

Top 5 reasons to indulge your child in extracurricular activities today

Performing well in school is important; however, there are five reasons why extracurricular activities may be just as important. So often in today’s world the emphasis is on a child’s academic performance.


This is important, of course, but alternative activities like music, dance, sports and yoga, are just as necessary and vital as academics. Extracurricular activities can instill real world skills in children and help them branch out as they grow and develop.

Breather from Studies and Boredom

One main reason why your child should indulge in extracurricular activities is because it provides a breather from studies and boredom. These extracurricular activities give children a refreshing interval from studying and restore their ability to retain knowledge.

Develops Thinking Skills

Another reason is because it develops thinking skills. Learning from books is effective in the learning process; however, extra-curricular activities help to enhance critical thinking. Activities allow children to apply what they learned in the classroom to other life situations, where they can evaluate challenges and come to doable solutions. An example might be working as a team member on a basketball game, engaging in moves and challenges while playing the game so that the entire team does well.

Social Skills

Another reason is social skills. With the advent of computers and smart phones, children and teens have become unsociable. However, by participating in extracurricular activities, they have an opportunity to be with others who are like them, engage in social interactions and bond with like-minded people. They also begin to think and work as a team, instead of as just one.

Increased Self-confidence

Most importantly, engaging in extracurricular activities helps a child’s self-confidence to grow and develop. All children need self-confidence because feeling good about yourself is vital in a world that is competitive and often demanding and harsh. We all know the importance of academics; however, extracurricular activities help to bring out hidden talents in children.

Dig up their Talent

These activities encourage and allow children to hone in on talents that may be buried deep inside so that those talents can be developed and lead to possible career choices later on such as becoming a physical therapist or physical education teacher. In addition, extracurricular activities also boost a child’s academic performance.

Enhanced School Performance

Also, when a child does well in an outside activity, it often enhances their performance in school. It is the combination of learning and activities that give a more rounded outlook to children.

Secure Environment for Children

Most importantly, outside activities also creates a safer environment for children. With so many parents working, these activities offer a more secure environment; especially when parents are unable to be home after school. After school activities provide a good way to work off excess energy and stress that often is associated with school.

Less Time Invested On Smartphones

In addition, another reason is that children who particulate in outdoor activities are less likely to spend too much time on their smartphones or PC. Some research has shown that when a child is involved with outside activities they often are healthier, both physically and mentally. It is the balance of both that make for a healthy child both inside and out.

To conclude, extracurricular activities do much more than provide exercise to the body, they also engage a child’s mind toward enjoying and achieving what life offers—happiness, fulfillment and joy.

Talk with your child today and find out which activities he or she would be interested in and then guide them toward activities that would best meet their individual needs and desires. With the many benefits available that come from extracurricular activities, it makes sense to find out more!


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